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Surprise! March 6, 2012

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Children are so spontaneous.  Last Thursday I happened to be in Ms. Jane’s classroom as Ms. Marsha, our music teacher, arrived.  The children were so excited.  They had made tissue paper flower bouquets for Ms. Marsha.  Their teacher, Ms. Jane, reminded the children that this was a surprise.  (Ms. Marsha is retiring soon, and ‘Friends are like flowers’ is one of her favorite songs.  We were honoring Ms. Marsha’s twenty years of musical involvement with our school at our recent Benefit Dinner.  Ms. Marsha would receive bouquets from all of our classes, plus the teachers.)  The children called out, “Ms. Marsha is here, Ms. Marsha is here.”  One child rushed forward to tell her, “We have a secret, and we’re not gonna tell.”  A second child nodded and added, “Yes, and it’s flowers!”  Both children went back to their activities, quite convinced that they’d done their job of ‘not telling about the flowers!’  Children so love having a surprise to share with the people they love, but for the recipient of the surprise it takes quite a lot of skill to remain surprised!  However, this does remind me of the generosity of children.  They love celebrating anyone’s special day!


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