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In the blink of an eye! April 27, 2012

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Sometimes change seems slow, and at other times, your child changes in the blink of an eye.

I have been gone from school for almost three weeks, and when I returned, I was reminded of how fast children change.  They seemed taller to me – really, even after only three weeks.  The five and six year olds all had either managed to lose another baby tooth, discover a newly wiggly tooth or grow a big tooth.  One boy told me, “I was five when you left, and now I am six.”  Several children had new haircuts.  A child who had been really scared of riding the school bus had successfully ridden the bus, and was now eager to help other children conquer their fears.

And oh how wonderful it is to return to the hugs and smiles and greetings.

“I missed you so much I was dreaming of you.”

“You were gone so long.”

“I’m happy you’re here.”

Being part of the lives of so many children is a huge reward.


One Response to “In the blink of an eye!”

  1. christine Says:

    thank you for sharing your joy and insight to our children, it is easy to overlook it.

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