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A Clean Slate! January 7, 2013


A Clean Slate!

When I visit a Montessori classroom, I am always impressed by how much effort the teachers put into preparing and maintaining the environment to make it into a peaceful, inviting, stimulating place to learn.  The teachers consider so many aspects – color, texture, flow of movement, table, shelf and chair height, space for floor work, light, temperature, water sources, etc., etc.  At the Montessori School of Pullman, we recently began converting a room previously used for our after school program into a room especially prepared for children ages two to three years of age.  This is a brand new program for us, and we are very excited.

You now have the opportunity to watch as we prepare the environment from the very beginning.  I will post photos and explain some of the decisions we made.

First of all, we needed a couple of big and expensive changes – extending the sprinkler system into the room for safety, and adding a bathroom and changing area.  The location of the bathroom was decided for us.  We chose a corner of the room adjacent to the bathroom in the neighboring classroom.  This was where we had access to water and pipes for the sink and toilet.  We chose the smallest toilet we could find.  Children feel much more secure when sitting on the toilet if their feet can firmly touch the ground.  And, oh, everyone agrees – the tiny toilet is just too cute!

Next we decided on flooring and new paint.  We chose linoleum for ease of clean up.  This allows us a lot of freedom for deciding where we will have the practical life shelves, art area and snack area, all areas that are easier to manage when there is no carpet near by!  As linoleum is such a hard surface, we chose soft colors to make the room look warmer and more inviting.  Our walls are painted ‘conch shell’, a very pale, pearly pink, and the flooring also has a touch of pink.  We’ll add a rug, as well as some cozy features such as a child-sized rocking chair and a reading corner to further soften the look.

We are loving the clean, bright space we have to work with, and are excited to move in shelves, tables and other furniture.




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