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A Brush of Paint! January 11, 2013


A Brush of Paint!

So . . . we had our clean slate, and the next step was to add furniture.  After investing a lot of money on remodeling, new flooring, and new paint on the walls, we decided to help our budget by giving shelves we already had in storage a new lease of life with a coat of paint.  The most important consideration was the height of the shelves, as we wanted all of the shelving to be easily accessible to our young students.  We painted all of the shelves white.  Later we decided we needed to add some color.

We tried many different small tables for a snack table before we remembered the little table you see in the photos.  There was some leftover blue paint from a previous job, and we wanted a pop of color, so the snack table for the room is now blue.  It looks so cute with the four wooden chairs – a perfect place for friends to eat snack together .

What followed was a little bit of Montessori magic.  Jamey and Casey found really cute matching bowls, plates and serving dishes – all white, with a trim of blue, green and purple.  We’d found the theme for decorating the room.  Now it is mostly white, with splashes of bright colors, such as a red rocking chair and a blue snack table.  When Ms. Jane saw the color theme developing, she brought a really cute shelf that is painted red, blue and green.

Next we ordered an area rug – more bright primary colors.

The room is going to look so wonderful.  I can’t wait to see the room when it is all ready to receive our first students.





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