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The power of song December 7, 2013

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Every day in a Montessori School we are privileged to witness amazing examples of children’s learning.  Today in Ms. Jane’s class I watched two children, one still two years old and one just three years old, working together to sing their way through the months of the year song.  As they sang, they pointed to the names of the months on a calendar.  In a joyful way, they were learning about the calendar and building their sight vocabulary.  The repetition of the daily singing of days of the week and months of the year during circle time facilitated this learning.

Recently when I was showing a group of WSU students interested in Montessori education around a school, a child then aged three asked our visitors, “Would you like to hear me sing the continent song?” This child then sang the continent song while pointing to the different continents on our large map puzzle.

Singing is such a strong way for children to learn facts.  Please do sing with your children, especially number rhymes and rhyming songs.


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