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The Children’s House, Lewiston, Idaho January 21, 2014

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Megan'sclassToday I visited the Montessori Children’s House in Lewiston.  This school opened in 2011 (I think), just over two years ago, by Ms. Megan Chavez, a former teacher at our school, the Montessori School of Pullman.  I could not be more proud of Megan.  I feel almost like her Mom – that’s how proud I am!  Already she has outgrown her first building, expanded to add a half day primary option and an elementary program, and has plans for future expansion to include upper elementary.  WOW!

Sometimes people ask about competition.  Were we worried when a Montessori school opened in Moscow or when Megan opened her new school in Lewiston?  The honest answer is that we welcome the fact that Montessori education and options are growing in our community.  Montessori education is just too good to be kept a secret or a privilege for a lucky minority.  We want to see and work towards more opportunities for more children!  We look forward to collaborating, hosting conferences, and special events for parents.

So, what are three things I really loved about the Children’s House in Lewiston?

I loved the location!  The school has easy access to a park for nature studies, PE, and play.  There is a bandshell for impromptu and scheduled performances.  From the playground, you can see the river, train tracks, eagles and osprey flying overhead, tall evergreens . . .  The school is close to the college and the hospital, making it convenient for many parents.  The new public library is, at most, five minutes walk away from the school.

I loved the building.  The school is in an historic building ~ the former library, I think.  It is quirky, large, and has a lot of character.  There are beautiful windows in all of the classrooms.  The central area is a great gathering and multi-purpose space.  I can see how much effort the teachers have put into making the school a beautiful and attractive space for children – nice colors on the wall, photos of families in the entrance hall, fresh flowers, fossils on the window ledges of the elementary classroom, framed art prints, a bead cabinet made by a teacher (Again, WOW!)

I loved the welcome we received, from a cup of coffee on arrival to a few of the elementary girls singing me their favorite songs from the movie ‘Frozen.’  This means a lot to me.  When visitors feel welcome, I know that the school is a warm, caring place, just like a home.