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I learned how to learn! March 5, 2014

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Ms. Julie is a wonderful photographer.  Recently she devoted a lot of her time and talent to producing a beautiful collection of photographs for our Benefit Dinner.  Our theme was ‘These are a Few of our Favorite Things’, and so Ms. Julie asked all of our children in our school to tell us about their favorite activities at Montessori, and then took a whole series of photographs to illustrate what the children, and teachers, told her.  The photographs captured the portraits of every child, and also details, such as the fingers holding a paint brush, the painting itself, the words in a book the child was reading, the perfect drop of blue liquid that the child had squeezed out of a dropper . . . The variety of favorites amazed me ~ water work, food preparation, map work, painting, doing puzzles, writing numbers, doing math work, four digit addition, decimal system cards, golden beads, building, learning about shapes, reading silly books, moveable alphabet, pink tower, rolling up the rugs, learning about reptiles, playing the zither, painting at the easel . . . Our favorite comment ~”My favorite thing about Montessori is I learned how to learn.’

Everyone at school was so delighted when on the Monday after the parents first saw this beautiful collection of photographs on the big screen at the Benefit Dinner, a group of mystery parents sent Ms. Julie a gorgeous flower arrangement as a thank you for her work.  This is true proof that a picture is worth a thousand words.  The photographs captivated the parents and gave them a glimpse into the daily lives of their children at school.  Thanks, parents.  Thanks, Ms. Julie.  Thanks, children, for sharing your thoughts on your favorite things!  I highly recommend that other Montessori schools capture the daily experience of their children in photographs to share with their families.  If the photos can be distributed to the families as a movie or slide show, the family can sit down to watch with their child, and this gives their child a prompt to talk about all of the wonderful activities that go on every day in the classroom.