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When will my child read? April 15, 2014

When will my child begin reading Books by Bob?

DSCN4753 DSCN4760 DSCN4768 DSCN4797Recently our teachers focused on ‘sensitive periods’ for our newsletter. This is what Ms. Jamey wrote about sensitive periods:

A sensitive period is a period of sensitivity to a specific stimulus in which a child will be able to form an ability or characteristic, such as language or writing. This can also be seen as a window of opportunity where growth is guided by periodic instincts (Donohue Shortridge). The period of sensitivity is short and intense and with the child usually focusing on one specific area of development. Sensitive periods can end abruptly and once it has passed it is over forever. This does not mean that it is impossible for a child to learn the ability once they have passed the sensitive period; it is simply easier and comes more naturally for them to learn the specific ability during that period (O’Neill).

Reading also has a distinct sensitive period, when a child is really driven to learn the sounds of the letters of the alphabet, how to blend the sounds together to form words and how to crack the code of reading. If the child is not ready, reading is a chore and a struggle. If you miss the opportunity and wait too long, cracking the code of reading is not as exciting or enough of a challenge. However, if you catch your children at the right moment, when the sight of the sandpaper letters, the moveable alphabet, and a new book excite them, when they can’t stop spotting letters, words and signs all around them, then reading is a joy. Please be patient, and wait for that sweet spot of opportunity! At that moment, in our school, your child will begin bringing home Bob Books. You won’t regret the wait!