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What I like about my elementary classroom by the First Graders November 20, 2014

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elemclassroomWhat I like about my elementary classroom

by the First Graders

  • I liked that Ayda’s family put the bead cabinet together for us. I like that families help.
  • I like the classroom. It is organized.
  • I can find things when I need them.
  • I like it that people put their work back when they are done.
  • I like it that pencils, tools, scissors all have their own containers, like jars or baskets.
  • I like it that you can hold the thousand cube and know it has a thousand beads, even without counting.
  • I like it that we are gentle and careful with our materials, including our plants and decorations.
  • I like how everyone puts things back in the correct order.
  • I like how we have cooking things and our snack area in one corner, and our reading and circle area in another corner of the room.
  • I like how you can choose your own work.
  • I like how you can walk around the shelves and always find something that is really interesting, like the human body model. The human body is really interesting.
  • I like it that now I am a first grader I know where all of the supplies are. If we about to run out of cups or bowls or spoons, I know where they are kept and I can get more, so that we don’t run out.
  • I like it when we have a problem and then we think of a solution, and see how the solution works. For example, we fixed the white board to a wall near our circle area for lessons. It’s much easier to write on the big board now.
  • I like it when it’s quiet.
  • I like it when we can read for a long time.
  • I like our new refrigerator!!!! Can you please add some exclamation points after the word refrigerator? (Recent lesson on exclamation points!)

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