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Three Favorite Things March 19, 2015

Filed under: Child Development,Montessori education,Reading — bevfollowsthechild @ 9:56 pm

DSCN4797My current three favorite things for today:

  • Spontaneously being gifted two pieces of art work
  • Hearing, “Ms. Bev, you are my best friend.”
  • Watching a child take off with skip counting through the bead chains. She was so ready for this work!

Lately, I have been asking the children to tell me their current three favorite things at Montessori. Then I pass this information on to the parents – in either a note or an email. This is my second month to complete this activity and I am noticing some trends.

  • For three year olds, whatever they are doing at that very moment is likely to feature in their list of three favorite things. They live in the moment.
  • The children’s personalities and learning styles come shining through. For some children their favorite things include helping others, playing with friends, eating snack, making people feel better . . . This suggests to me that these children are the social learners. Other children may have very specific favorite works ~ golden beads for addition, the pink tower, metal insets.
  • The older children in Maple room (kindergarten and first grade) tend to choose favorite curriculum areas – cultural, math, language.
  • Bob books are favorites in Aspen, Willow and Maple rooms. Reading books to a teacher is a top favorite. Our reading program is going well.
  • wedgitsThe wedgit building materials are also a big hit in the Oak, Willow and Aspen rooms.

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