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Change is a part of life May 19, 2015

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At this time of year, I am always overwhelmed by the changes that will soon take place ~ children and teachers are graduating and moving on.  This is a time of anticipation, excitement and, yes, a few ‘end of year wobbles.’  What keeps me sane and grounded is my belief in the Montessori Method and Philosophy.  The environment is such a stabilizing factor – from teacher to teacher, from year to year, and from region to region ( if your child is moving to another town, state or country ~ the environment, philosophy and approach remains familiar).  We have had children move to Pullman from another continent and still feel comfortable in our classes ~ “Ah yes, I recognize the pink tower.”  The environment is like an important third teacher in the classroom.

The Montessori philosophy is also really big on preparation.  We anticipate change, and help our children prepare and adapt to change.  This is part of our preparing children for real life – change happens.


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