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Doing what you love October 26, 2015

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1508555_10153654637101774_2451130260879452553_n IMG_2215 I love being ‘in the zone’, that magical time when I am doing what I love, and I lose track of time. For me, this happens around being outdoors, (hiking, swimming, gardening), being creative (writing, cooking from scratch, theatre), being with people (engaging in a great conversation, birdwatching with my husband, spending time with family and friends), and dancing. I love mornings at work, when I come up for air around 11:00, and wonder how the time went by so quickly. I really love my job. I think passion for what you love is worth sharing with children. When we share what we are passionate about with children, they are inspired and excited, too. And so, I want to thank Ms. Sudha and Ms. Rachael and Maple Room for gifting me with the opportunity to share my passions for writing, drama and hiking with their students. ┬áHere, I post some hiking photos. ┬áDrama and writing photos to follow soon!


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