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Keeping it real! June 29, 2016


This summer I signed up to work for a month in our summer program, three weeks as a lead teacher and one week as an assistant.  I love this time.  I especially enjoy the 7:30 – 8:30 time, when I am greeting the children and involving them in setting up the class for the day ~ watering plants, emptying the dishwasher, prepping snack . . .

As an administrator, this time working in the classroom is a good reminder of the amount of energy it takes to run a class of twenty very inquisitive and energetic children.  I need a snack mid –morning for a burst of energy, and am so thankful that we serve such delicious and nutritious snacks.  Today I ate home-baked corn bread, and a fruit, granola and yoghurt parfait.

Our summer school requires a lot of our teachers ~ we have once or twice weekly field trips, lots of food prep, wet play days (supervising twenty children changing in and out of swim gear!) and many special events.

This time in the classroom is a great reminder for me of how amazing our teachers are!  Teachers, I salute you!  This time in the classroom keeps it real for me!