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Montessori in the home September 6, 2016

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2015 was the year of the baby for our school.  Three of our teachers, and an intern were all pregnant, with babies due in March, May and June.  It was so fun for all of us to join in the anticipation and preparation that accompanies a pregnancy.  And now we are delighted to share in the growth and development of our fellow teachers’ babies.

As a Montessori teacher and administrator, Mom and Grandmother, one of my biggest joys is seeing how our three teachers have incorporated Montessori principles into their homes.  What follows is a photo essay.  I hope you enjoy the photos and get ideas of how you can strengthen the bond between home and school, even where space in your own home is limited.

The bathroom ~ small potty by the big toilet, books to read, including “Everybody Poos”  (British version of Everybody Poops!), basket containing diapers, pull ups and wipes, self-care station with mirror, hairbrush, toothbrush and toothpaste, all  accessible to the child!


The bedroom ~ cozy crib, sheepskin rug, mobile above the crib, toys and books arranged on shelves, accessible to the child.

Dining room ~ small table and chair, also used for puzzles and activities.  The child also joined in family meals at the family table, using a highchair.


Living room ~ This cozy area was under the open plan stairs!  It was a small space, too small for an adult but perfect for a toddler!  A cozy rug, cushions, a shelf containing a small selection of activities, made it a very inviting space to play!

Thanks, Jeanne, for sharing your space with us!


Below, another one of our Montessori babies, now aged one year old, shares his playing and learning space with us.  This area is set up in the heart of the home, the family living room.  He has a selection of activities displayed on low shelves, a work table and chair, and a place to display his art work.

Gross motor play area for another one of our Montessori babies.  Easton is now a year and a half old.


Taking care of the environment tools – duster, brooms, mop, dustpans . . .img_2426-2

Above, view of the room – clean, uncluttered, open space for exploration and play.  below, cozy book area!