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Atlanta Montessori International School October 18, 2016

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I totally enjoyed an extended tour of the Atlanta Montessori International School.  The school has about 200 students, representing about 40 countries and many languages, serving children ages 8 weeks through adolescence.  This is the sort of school that inspires me, and I hope our school can grow to this size.  It’s hard to pin down what were my favorite things about this school, but I especially loved the international flavor and the emphasis on the appreciation of diversity.  I loved the flags at the entrance to the campus, representing the families of the school, and the cultural display in the foyer organized by a family.  This family was from Columbia, and made a presentation to the children, and then left some artifacts for display for the children to view for about a month.  I especially liked the clocks set to the time in different time zones.

I also appreciated the abundance of art on display in the school, especially the spectacular ceiling tiles in the Spanish room,and the group art projects, such as designing tiles for the school.

And as a gardener, I was very impressed with the abundance of gardens that the children managed, and the beautiful labels that not only gave the name of the plant in latin, but also information about its natural habitat and uses.  This has really inspired me to do more gardening with the children next year.


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