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Building Community May 13, 2017

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The values of our school are: child-centered, love of learning, diversity, dignity and community.  I try to keep these values in mind when I am considering everything from planning the calendar to fundraisers to hiring to . . .

One of my favorite fundraisers of the school year (we do three each year) is our annual rummage sale.  I love the fact that it allows so many of our families to participate ~ donating rummage sale items, organizing the sale, working the sale, cleaning up after the sale, baking items for the accompanying bake sale, shopping, spreading word about the sale through social media and in person invitations.  When so many people are working together for the common good, community is enhanced.  And together we raised over $1500 for our school.  We also benefited the larger community, as so many people shopped our Rummage Sale and bought new clothes, new toys, household goods for their families.


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