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How is homework handled in a Montessori elementary program? March 31, 2015

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What about homework? At our school, like many Montessori elementary programs, homework is rarely or never assigned. Our philosophy is that our children do their best work all day, from 8:30 to 3:30, and that after school is time that is precious family time. Children need time to relax, daydream, imagine, read, hang out with siblings and friends, play in the back yard . . . They need time to participate in their favorite enrichment activities, such as sports, gymnastics, dance, theatre, music . . .

We do encourage our students to take home books to read to and with family members. Reading together is a wonderful activity that not only helps develop the child’s literacy skills, but also a love of literature.

Sometimes children do request being able to take home work to complete, or independently do research at home about a topic that interests them. That is so different from being assigned homework.

That is what I am doing here. I worked hard all day, but this topic interests me enough to think about it and write about it at home, in my free time. That’s part of the Montessori difference ~ dedication, choice, following topics that interest you.


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