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Montessori Memories February 18, 2017

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16826004_10208585533099345_3254929054996917078_oWhen I first saw this photograph, recently sent to me from one of the children in the photo, I thought that it was a photo of me, around 1984, working in a childcare center.  And then I realized it was just my back yard. We are dying Easter eggs.  The child, now grown, said that she always remembers doing interesting things at our home.  I think I was meant to be a Montessori teacher!  I loved cooking with the children, setting out pouring games, and our favorite, the doll’s clothes laundry.  Most of the time in Texas, this laundry was set up outside, but on cold days, I would string a washing line up in the den!

Looking back, I realize my first exposure to Montessori was in a friend’s home in England.  She never called her home a Montessori home, but I remember how peaceful and calm it was, and how activities were available in baskets on shelves, ready for the children to choose.  Anna, my daughter, used a knife to cut up her own snack while we were there.  We left England when Anna was two and a half, so she was very young to be using a knife.  That is my confirmation that this was indeed a Montessori home.  There was the right size knife for Anna to use.

My next exposure was at Arlington Country Day School.  I was looking for a preschool for my daughters, Anna, now four and a half, and Elanor, almost three.  Once again, it was the sense of peace that really hooked me in.  I was close to tears when I realized that this is where I wanted my children to go to school, but also because I had found my passion!  I wanted to be a Montessori teacher.  Thirty-two years later, I am still passionate about Montessori education.  The sense of peace and joy remains an inspiration.  I am full of wonder that after so many years children still surprise me with new and unique ways to learn, problem solve and create with the materials.Just look at the variations below!

HeAnna loves pouring games. Love the wellington boots and apron!re are a few more photos from the eighties!  This is Anna, long ago in England, playing pouring games.  When I saw the water works in practical life at the first Montessori school I visited, I thought, “Pouring games!  my children will love this!”

My one year old son washing dishes at the kitchen sink, while big sis helps!


What Moms Can Do ~ 2016 poems May 9, 2016

Putting together community poems is one of my favorite activities of all.  All you need to do is give the children a good prompt and a moment or two to think. You can remind the children to use flexible thinking.  “If someone says just what you were going to say, you can think of something else to add to the poem.  Moms can do more than one thing.”

Older children could be given each of the different contributions on notecards, and they could play around with the order of the lines, maybe focusing on rhythm and flow, or contrast or what sounds good to their ear.  It would be interesting to hear the different versions the children put together.  Another tip is to suggest that the children try to be as specific and concrete as possible, and you can give a prompt.  If the child says that Mom is a good cook, you might ask, “What does she cook best?”

Here are this year’s poems from three of our classrooms.  I love how similar yet different they are.  I’ve combined these with some special photos of the very early moments of some of our teachers as Moms.  Just look at the love!  There is also a photo of one of our teachers with her daughter from a previous Moms’ Day tea.  Taking photos, like writing poems, is part of our tradition and celebration.  Enjoy!

What Moms can do . . . by Willow class

Put on their shoes without any help

Put on their ear-rings all by themselves


Ride a lawnmower

Ride a mountain-bike

Help me learn to ride my bike

Help me wash my bike and our car

Fill up cars and change the oil


Drive me to school

Take me horse-riding

to Disneyland

to Alaska

to Hawaii

Drive me to the Space Needle in Seattle

Work at home

Work in lunchbunch

Go to work

Work hard

Give me a haircut

Play toys with me

Paint monsters

Get me in and out of trouble

Take care of me

Love me with all her heart!


What Moms Can do . . . By Aspen Room

Cook dinner

Bake chicken

Make lunch

Get pizza for her kids

Moms are good at cooking food


Work and do jobs

Sew things back together

Take care of me

Take care of me when I am sick

Pick me up and hug me when I am cold

Help me go to bed and fall asleep

Moms are there when you need them

Moms give us strength and love

Moms are good at taking care of kids


Moms can play

Read a story

Help me paint a picture

Take me on a walk

Tie shoes

Mountain bike

Help me learn

Moms are good at teaching kids


What Moms can do . . . by Maple Room kids

cook breakfast

make lunch for me

cook dinner

make the best soup ever

play with me

snuggle me

sleep with me

give me a big warm hug

watch me play my violin

play duets with me on the piano

sing with me

take me to Art class

grow a garden

read a book

read Harry Potter aloud to us

help me do my school work

Mom can be a teacher

Mom can love me

And protect me

Moms are awesome!