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Montessori beginnings February 2, 2013

Please keep your fingers crossed for a great start to our new program!

Last Wednesday, our new families visited the classroom.  We were so impressed by how many extended families showed up – the child, plus siblings and parents, and sometimes grandparents.  We will celebrate families in our new classroom by including family photographs from each child.  These photographs will be excellent conversation starters with our new students, and a comfort to the children.  A little bit of each child’s home culture will be included in their classroom.

Last Thursday and Friday, the children visited the classroom again, but this time in small groups.  We hung up our belongings, changed from outdoor to indoor shoes, listened to a story, sang songs, practiced rolling and unrolling rugs, chose work, returned work to the right place on the shelf, washed hands, served snack and poured water, visited the gym for gross motor play (running, playing chase, playing with balls, climbing and rolling), tried out the new bathroom (the smallest and cutest toilet ever!) and by 11:00, we were all tired.  So many new experiences!

Monday and Tuesday will both be big days.  Children will attend school without their parents.  We hope the previous preparation days (family visits and small group sessions) will help make for a smooth transition, but we are still expecting a few tears – from children and parents!