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Making Peace, part two December 3, 2015

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Peace!  I am craving it.  Maybe it is due to the bombardment of horrible news on a daily basis.  Today, while visiting our elementary classroom, the sense of peace and joy took me by surprise, overwhelmed me and left me in tears.  Classical music was playing, the children were all working very quietly and joyfully, and the classroom teacher’s six month old baby was lying on his boppy pillow in a quiet part of the room, wide awake, smiling.  One of the children told me that they were being very quiet so that baby Advaith would feel happy to be visiting their classroom.  Later, the children told me, they would take turns reading to him.  The atmosphere in the room was so serene, and yet so busy and engaged.  Children were working on their own or in small groups, on math, grammar, botany, geography, animal research, spelling . . .  Peaceful!

On a daily and weekly basis, these children are hard at work at problem solving, acknowledging each other’s contributions to the community, helping with chores (such as dishwashing, setting up snack, cleaning), recognizing each other’s talents during performance day, eating snack and lunch together, sharing their family traditions about celebrations, and so much more.  For these children, peace is the norm.  And that’s what I wish for the world . . . that as many children as possible grow up where peace is the norm.  This would give me hope that peace would become the norm for the world.